Scrooge Character Sketches

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Ebenezer Scrooge

    Scrooge’s story speaks to our
    guests about the second chance
    in life that so many have  longed
    for.  “What is impossible with
    men is possible with God.”  All of
    us can rejoice with Scrooge on
    his joyful Christmas morning. We’
    re just like him because we have
    another chance to live, to love, to
    give, and to trust Christ for new
    life.  We have been forgiven and
    our terrible weights of sin and
    hopelessness have been lifted.
Tiny Tim

    Tim is a young boy with great
    faith in God.  Although he has
    suffered with an ailment, he is
    confident that God can heal him.  
    Tim will need to be able to sing
    and say his lines out boldly.
The Bob Cratchit Family

    The Cratchits don’t have money
    but they are very rich.  They have
    love and family.   This family tries
    to maintain a Christian attitude in
    the light of Scrooge’s mean
    disposition.  They are funny,
    imperfect and  sincere.
Angels: Past and Present

    Angels are sent to Scrooge to
    help him see the error of his
    ways.  These angels quote
    scripture and point Ebenezer
    toward a second chance in life.  
    Angels in this production can be
    played by men or women.

    Asking for charitable donations
    from Ebenezer is a difficult job.  It
    is one that will guarantee a lot of
    laughs.  The solicitors are a very
    proper English man and woman
    that are always shocked and
    appalled at old Scrooge.
Scrooge and Belle as Children

Young Ebenezer has a good
friend in Belle but suffers great
disappointment in his childhood
with the separation from family
and the bitterness of being
forgotten and alone.
School Teacher

Scrooges' teacher leads the
children as they sing a fun song
about the holidays.  She helps
them to remember the true
meaning of Christmas.

    He is the opposite of Scrooge:
    generous, joyful and always
    enjoys a party.   “It is better to give
    than receive.”  Fezziwig’s musical
    celebration is a stark contrast to
    Scrooge’s cold and miserable
Young Adult Scrooge and Belle

    Scrooge remembers losing the
    love of his life because he is too
    preoccupied with money and
    making a way in this life.  Young
    Belle decides to follow a different
    path in life.
Three Maids

    This is a funny and musical
    scene.  These “Birds of a
    Feather” steal from Scrooge’s
    estate after his passing.
Bob Cratchit

    Bob is sincere, kind hearted and
    always joyful.  The clash between
    him and his grouchy uncle
    Ebenezer is bound to make you
    laugh.  Bob tries desperately to
    help Old Scrooge see a better
    way of life.
Third Angel:
        The Angel of the Future

    This dark figure says nothing.  
    He only directs Ebenezer through
    some scenes that warn of a
    future without hope and without
    God.  Here, Scrooge falls to his
    knees and repents.  God is ready
    to forgive and help him start his
    new life.